Benchmark Safety Services, Inc.

Benchmark Safety Services, Inc. is a team of safety & operations professionals specializing in the life sciences industry; including biotechnology, pharmaceutical, biomedical technologies and biomedical devices. Benchmark has extensive experience in providing services for start-ups, mid-size & public companies and technology incubator situations. We also have years of experience working in academic settings.

Benchmark provides each customer with all the documentation we develop under our agreed upon scope of work. And, it’s editable! You pay us to develop your program and we want you to be able to revise those programs based on your evolving needs – whether we remain with you or not! Each permit or license we acquire for you will be accompanied by the application documents so that you have a full record in your safety files. Training Power Points and attendance records will be provided at the time of each training. You pay us to create and deliver your program needs and you keep all the records!

Benchmark has employees with a variety of levels of expertise. Pricing is based on the level of expertise your job requires. Many employees are certified in a specialty area and are assigned to contracts based on the expertise needed. We also have a great network of safety professionals if our internal knowledge does not fit with your requirements.

Our expertise is in:

  • Chemical, Biological and Radioactive Materials: inventory systems, risk assessments, operating procedures and safety manuals
  • Hazardous Materials Procedures: guiding your company from procurement through disposal
  • Regulatory Compliance for all your laboratory needs: Permits and licenses for Flammables storage, Chemical Process, Recombinant or synthetic nucleic acids, DEA, Department of Public Health, Radioactive Materials use, Wastewater
  • Laboratory Industrial Hygiene: Baseline chemical testing; Respirator program; Animal Allergens, Operational procedures for toxics, carcinogens, nanomaterials
  • OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens: Exposure Control Plan, Safer Sharps Program, Hepatitis B vaccine compliance, training
  • OSHA Hazard Communication and Lab Standard: Chemical Hygiene Plan, Hazard Communication Manual, signage, labels, guidelines for inventory and use of hazardous chemical materials
  • Incident and Accident Investigation: Forms, root cause analysis, follow-up and re-training